8 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Writer

Say everything twice. Adjust your expectations. I recommend getting a pet. Or a second job. If they ever meet, the world will end. Spill their coffee, fine. Break their phone, ok. Of you. Sleeping on it.

So, You Want to Date a Writer?

Obviously or hopefully? But you will be written about. Names might change. Details could shift.

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Dating a writer is a challenge that most people don’t realize they’re signing up for until it happens. While it can prove to be quite difficult, there are some pro’s to dating a writer, as well. I’ve listed some helpful tips for those of you willing to take a chance on a writer. Despite popular belief, writers can come up with characters on their own and tend to do that. Moreover, if you do find a writer basing a character about you odds are it’s not a great character with an awful personality.

If I sit down at a computer or with a notebook in front of me and I have many thoughts to get down on paper I’m not worried about my phone. If I’m writing at home then I probably don’t even know where my phone is, honestly. Please, don’t take this the wrong way.

9 Things You Really Should Know Before Dating a Writer

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So, to be a writer is to live in at least two places: the reality as it is in front of you, “Dating a writer means having to quell the jealousies and irrational fears that 5 Powerful Writing Tips from Award-Winning Editor Jack Hart.

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4 Tips For Writing an Online Dating Profile (That Actually Work)

Jump to navigation. You’ll definitely stand out from the crowd. Ditto for negativity. It works like this: Love attracts love.

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If we care about you, you’re going to be immortalized in print. So, you’re dating a writer. We don’t know whether or not to congratulate you and give you a hug, or to hand you a bottle of whiskey and a straw along with the card of a great therapist. Chances are, if you have been dating said writer for more than two weeks, you completely understand that opening line.

Here’s what you need to know:. Your abbreviated and misspelled texts can make us homicidal. Just because we’re out on a date with you doesn’t mean we’re researching. We know you’re so interesting that the whole world should read about you, but contrary to popular belief, not everyone who writes and dates blogs about it. We aren’t trying to be Carrie Bradshaw. But, If we care about you, you’re going to be immortalized in print.

That article that has made you nervous? It’s not about you. OK, maybe a little, but you can’t prove it. That whole “pen is mightier than the sword” thing gives us balls of steel.

Dating Writer Gives Relationship Advice

Writers love coffee shops. They like drinking coffee because it keeps them awake, which gives them more time to write. Also, lots of famous literary scenes take place in coffee shops, and writers love pretending that their lives are like famous literary scenes. Even if you can’t name an author besides Dr. Seuss and you haven’t read a book since graduating, it’s better to be upfront about it than to name-drop something cooler or more esoteric. Some writers might end it there, because some writers are unfair like that, but that’s better than giving them a false sense of who you are — bookwise.

We Do Not Date People Who Don’t Read.

Click here! One of the many perks of attending a writing conference is the opportunity to network with literary agents and editors. But how can you make a potential match with a literary agent in only a few minutes? Alas, only your mother will adore everything you ever say. Instead, have a second—or a third—pitch ready.

Can you describe yourself in sixty seconds? What makes you uniquely qualified to write this book? What writing credentials do you have? Have you had excerpts or other writing published in literary journals, won any writing contests, or are you a member of professional writing organizations? These are all important facts that can convince agents to consider your book.

You want the literary agent to remember you, so the first thing you should do is hand them a business card that provides contact information and a sense of your genre and brand as a writer. You could also offer literary agents a bound excerpt from your book that they can peruse on the plane ride back home. Use this extra time to network!

Love in Prison: 12 Tips To Dating A Prisoner

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Take, for example, Match. While the results are not exactly earth-shattering 89 percent of single women want a partner who is independent , the dating site has figured out ways to make the content fresh and exciting. They develop videos, blog posts, infographics, and social media graphics to reach their audience. And they build a huge bubble of anticipation prior to the release of their yearly results.

For writers, there is one commandment that stands above all others: Ask the right questions. Think again. Just ask Malcolm Gladwell. Find the questions that few people are answering — and answer them yourself. So other than the need to find new ways to package old concepts, what is happening in the relationship sector? Common lore suggests that online dating is a cutthroat, shallow landscape.

Crazy Librarian: 10 Reasons to Date a Writer

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